The Americas in Europe: Buddhist Centers Tour in Summer 2013

This summer, practitioners from all the Diamond Way Buddhist centers of North, Central, and South America are embarking on the Americas Adventure in Europe. This three-part event will focus on cultivating friendships between Diamond Way practitioners both across the Americas and over the pond in Europe. The full program is as follows:

Americas Week at the Europe Center: July 29–Aug 2
Europe Center Summer Course: Aug 5–18
Bus Tour of the Americas in Europe: Aug 19–25

Americas Week at the Europe Center

The Europe Center is an international hub for Diamond Way Buddhism, where practitioners from all countries come year-round to exchange experience, get to know each other, and meditate together. During The Americas Week, we’ll spice up the Summer Course build-up with traditional North, Central, and South American dishes by day and with evening dharma programs and entertainment from the Americas by night. The Americas Week will be an expanded version of the  Europe Center Country Weekends. The Americas Week is the first time we’ll hold such an event at the peak of the Europe Center Summer Course build-up. We expect to have friends from all fourteen countries in the Americas that have Diamond Way Buddhist centers.

Europe Center
The Europe Center


International Summer Course at the Europe Center

The second part of the adventure will bring an unprecedented number of Americans to participate in the International Summer Course in the Europe Center, Germany, including working on course teams. Since the Europe Center is truly bustling at this time, this will be an invaluable chance for us to be more involved in putting on such an impressive meditation event as the Summer Course. The Diamond Way Buddhist groups of the Americas are eager to learn precious skills from their European friends with years of experience in big events, and to bring this wisdom back to their home groups.

The Big Buddhist Bus Tour in Europe

The Bus Tour in Europe (see the travel plan) was inspired by the “Vaya Con” tours in the Americas to deepen our meditation practice by traveling together with sangha (practitioner) friends and Buddhist teachers. The bus will depart from the Europe Center after the Summer Course and stop in the Diamond Way Buddhist centers in Braunschweig, Kiel, Copenhagen, Rodby, and finally Hamburg. During our stay in each center, we will meditate, hold joint programs with the local and the American traveling teachers, learn about the development of Diamond Way Buddhist centers and groups, share our experience from the Americas, and, of course, enjoy our evenings together. The program of this tour will be completely packed, and as much of the adventure will happen on the road as in the centers. Since the center programs will be short, we especially encourage European friends from the Buddhist centers we will visit to join us on the road for a part of the tour.

Enjoy our promotional video for the Adventure:

See you in Europe!

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