International Fundraising Projects 2019/2020 – News 02

International Fundraising Projects News 02

Tyresö Retreat Center in Sweden


On April 29th, we paid for the new retreat center house and land, our first in Sweden since 1976. This was the goal of the project, and through all your support, we made it! On May 1st, we move in and begin work on the house. Our first weekend retreat guests arrive in early June.

From the explosive first weeks at the EC Summer Course, through Kuchary, KBL Greece, Bratislava, Israel, Kassel… what a joyous ride! So many incredible days with our Lama, so many friends, so many new connections, so much support from all of you, so much generosity! And so many amazing cakes and chocolates along the way! Is there anyone that can prepare these better than our Ukrainian friends? ;-) Through all this shared activity together, our bonds with Ukraine and Uruguay are now especially deep and strong.

Many, many of you have supported this project, and there is still, and always will be, an opportunity to continue or for new friends to join in: In Israel, our good friends from Switzerland offered additional last minute support to get this project across the finish line. What to say, except ‘wow’ and thank you to all.

So now the activity of developing and maintaining this new Diamond Way retreat center for us all begins. Thank you Lama Ole for trusting us with this task and for this incredible opportunity. Our sangha is stronger than ever! ;-)

Together, along with all of you, we’re making Tyresö happen for the benefit of all!

Tyresö Logo

Tyresö Project Visual

Tyresö Project

Tyresö Tyresö in Bratislava


Tyresö Project

Tyresö in Israel

Tyresö sangha at the Courses

Karma Dechen Ling (KDL) in Uruguay

Dream Big Phase 1

Dear friends,

Karma Dechen Ling (KDL) is an international Diamond Way retreat center located in Uruguay (South America) and, due to its central location, it’s a link that connects the Sanghas in the region (Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay).

We’re inspired by Lama Ole’s vision of KDL as a retreat center that gives us the chance to deepen our practice and where, at the same time, we can create bonds with fellow practitioners from all over the world based on joyful work together.

This motivation gave rise to our Dream Big project, which was one of the three international projects selected by Lama Ole to receive support from all centers during the 2018-2019 period.

This extensive fundraising campaign has united us, on the basis of friendship and idealism, inspiring everyone in our region to laser-focus large amounts of energy in KDL.

At the end of the International Fundraising Campaign, we would be delighted if Diamond Way Centers from around the world would support us on the last few miles to reach our goals. Please contact us for more information and how your sangha can support us.

We would like to thank all those who have already supported us in any way, and we’ll be looking forward to having you in “the land of highest bliss” to share in this great gift from Lama Ole.

Karma Dechen Ling (KDL) Logo

KDL General view

KDL Project – sketch of the building

KDL - Lama Ole Nydahl

KDL Project

KDL Project

KDL Project

Dreaming big to make it real!

Kyiv Diamond Project in Ukraine

Dear friends,

During our seven year search, we considered about 150 buildings in the center of Kyiv, as Lama Ole asked of us. Our resources have always been very limited, so we could not find a suitable building in the past with the financial resources available to us.

In April 2018 Lama Ole selected us as an international project. During the following year, the support of the international sangha increased our financial power by 250%!

This has opened up many more opportunities to find the right place. But! Buildings of this size always need additional renovation, reconstruction and expensive registration processes, all of which require a lot of money in a very short time after purchase. We will not be able to use what we buy for meditation, without these expensive activities.

We still need to raise 40% more than we now have, and hope the international sangha can help us achieve this goal.

Kyiv Diamond Project Logo

Kyiv Diamond Project Visual

Kyiv Diamond Project – sketch of the building

Kyiv Diamond Project

Kyiv Diamond Project

Kyiv Diamond Project

Kyiv sangha at the Courses

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