Bank deposit is the general definition of all urgent contributions that you can issue in the bank. Sometimes there are the names of the "urgent contribution" or "traditional contribution". In banking offers, you can find at least several types of deposits. Depending on the accepted division criterion, many types of deposits distinguish:

Term of the term deposit - short-term deposits, open for several months, and medium-term deposits - for a period of 6 to 12 months, and long-term deposits, which exceeds 12 months, can be allocated in this regard. In this category, monthly, two-month, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, two-year and even three-year deposits are distinguished.
The interest rate method is most often found proposals for deposits with a fixed interest rate, less often - with a variable interest rate and quite rarely - with progressive when it increases during the term of the deposit. In the latter case, we can talk about a progressive deposit.
The requirement to have a bank account - on the market you will find both deposits that you can do without discovering a personal account and those for which ROR account will be required.

The Bank's customer status is some deposits are offered on stocks, with interest rates above the standard, only for new customers, other on the contrary - they are offered for existing bank customers.

The method of opening the deposit - this category includes traditional deposits opened in banks, as well as online, online, for example, through electronic banking or mobile bank applications.

Special type of bank deposits are urgent deposits of Earlier, structured, accumulative or polysolithic. For tenants, it is typically that they usually take on a long and high amount of customers who benefit from them in the form of regular interest payments that may be charged, for example, every month.

Structured deposits can be combined with an investment fund. Then part of the money is translated to the warranty deposit, and the other part, consistent with the client and the bank, enters TFI (Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych), where invested. If the Foundation earn, you can get more percent of your investments in the Foundation. Polyisolocates are a combination of a protective element - an urgent deposit - and life insurance and cumulative capital. Проститутки с большим клитором