The most common disease among the older generation people is considered periodontitis. Inflammation of teeth tissues is a very serious problem, especially if it goes into a chronic state. Most often, chronic periodontitis appears in people older than forty years, but in rare cases, this disease can manifest itself in the younger generation. How can this disease be determined? What methods of treating periodontitis are the most effective?

Periodontitis is associated with damage to periodontal tissues, which can affect the supporting structures of teeth and gums. The severity of the disease of this apparatus may increase as the body growing, so the earlier you will see signs of this disease, the greater the likelihood that you can stop the development process of this problem. The first sign of this disease can be bleeding gums. If you notice that the bleeding gums, then it is best to immediately consult with an experienced doctor who will help determine the cause of this alarming symptom.

Chronic periodontitis has several stages of development. The initial stage of this disease is that the gums are inflamed, and the bone tissue begins to wear, as a result, periodontal pockets can be formed in which infection falls. Every day the destruction of bone tissue grows, and periodontal pockets are becoming more and more. This can lead to the mobility of some teeth, as well as to the dental root dental. The heavy form of this disease is associated with serious consequences: the complete loss of bone tissue, the debris of the tooth roots, an increase in the size of periodontal pockets. Their depth can be up to 10 mm. In order not to bring your teeth and the gum to a chronic state, it is important to regularly inspect the doctor's oral cavity.

If you have noticed the appearance of at least one symptom, which can lead to periodontalosis, it is necessary to immediately begin a professional treatment that includes not only medical procedures, for example, teeth cleaning with medical devices, but also the use of funds that have a composition similar to The composition of our gums.

Chronic periodontitis is considered a serious problem that can lead to loss of teeth. To avoid such difficulties, it is best to turn to dentists in time that will be able to appoint you high-quality treatment.