On 18 May 2019 at the Europe Center, the teams from the fundraising projects in Tyresö, Kiev and KBL handed over to centres from Granada, London and Mt. Olympus.

Every year since 2016, Lama Ole has selected three Diamond Way projects to be the focus of our fundraising activities.

We are delighted to announce that the three projects in 2019/20 are Granada, London and Mt. Olympus. Find out more about what they are up to and how you can support them!

Granada Project Logo
Granada Project Pictures

Granada, Spain

Karma Ngedon Ling – “the place of deep meaning”
(name given by Lama Ole)

Following the wishes of Lama Ole and his constant inspiration, in 2015 we bought a Villa in Granada. As Karmapa said during his visit to the villa, “we have found a place to practice”.

Lama Ole talking about our project: “it is such a joy to follow your work. Seeing how you stick together and keep delivering the finest thing you can share with your town and your friends, our great Diamond Way teachings… this will bring you limitless growth”.

Lama Ole considers the activity of the Diamond Way in Spain as being held by three pillars: our beautiful face is the Stupa of Benalmadena, the heart keeping our roots is Karma Guen and the legs that bring Dharma to society are the city Centers. Through the opportunity of being an international project for this year we will contribute to the strengthening of the third of these pillars.

The development works span over four phases, and the first one is nearly behind us! The funds being raised this year will contribute towards the full refurbishment of the building, and will allow us to move in to the centre in summer 2020.

With your support, the people of Granada will have access to the highest teachings of the Buddha in the most precious place. We want to thank all of you for helping us make this dream come true.


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London, UK

We would like to invite everyone to help us renovate the Beaufoy’s Grand Hall – the crown jewel of our London centre.

For the past year, we have been working on the design of the hall, consulting professionals and our teachers, Lama Ole and Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche. We hope to be able to commence building works in the autumn of 2019 and have the Gompa inaugurated by Lama Ole during his next visit.

The Grand Hall in its unrenovated state has already been blessed by our great teachers, including Thaye Dorje, H.H. the 17th Karmapa, Shamar Rinpoche, Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche and Lama Ole. Once it is renovated, we will be able to present it as a cultural jewel and host events for hundreds of people.

Before that, we need to raise funds, which will allow us to conduct all the necessary renovation works. This includes replacing windows, restoring and protecting wall ornaments, installing a heating system and high-quality audio-visual equipment.

Please support our project and help us to kick-start the renovation of this precious place.

Let’s make history together!

Mt. Olympus Project Logo
Mt. Olympus Project Pictures

Mt. Olympus, Greece

Many years ago we found out about an amazing piece of land available for sale located on the lower slopes of Mount Olympus. The place is surrounded by woodland and overlooks the Gulf of Thermaikos, from where you can see the crusaders’ castle and the Aegean Sea on the horizon. The plot comes with a half-finished building of more than 200 sqm.

In 2013, during the Phowa course in Vinica, members of the Thessaloniki Sangha presented the site to Lama Ole. His immediate response was: “We should have it”. Since then, it took nearly six years for the conditions to come together to enable us to buy it. We were lucky to afford to fully pay for the purchase without any financial loan from a bank. This summer, Lama Ole blessed the place and named it: “Karma Palsang Doendrub Ling, Radiant Place Where Everything Is Accomplished”.

A lot of work and funding is needed to complete the building works and make the retreat centre functional for all seasons. With the support and ecouragement from Lama Ole, we wish to finish the whole project (or at least its major part) within one year – and the construction has already begun!

“Everything is possible”, so let’s make it happen together!