Great moments on the way

The 111.111 illustrated magazine highlights significant places, projects or events of Diamond Way Buddhism. Each issue takes us on a beautiful visual journey. You can download previous issues of the magazine in PDF format below.


#4 Karma Guen (English)

2012 – The celebration of 25 years of Karma Guen, the main meditation retreat place in Spain and the seat of ITAS, the Institute of Tibetan and Asian Studies, was the trigger for this 111.111 Magazine issue.


#3 HH 17th Karmapa in Russia (English)

2009 – Documenting an unforgettable journey with H.H 17th Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje through Russia in summer 2009.


#2 Europe Center (English)

Summer 2008 – The focus of this issue is on the Europe Center, the international hub of Diamond Way Buddhism.


#1 Russian Winter Tour 2008 (English)  (Russian)

Winter 2008 – The first issue of the 111.111 Illustrated PDF Magazine takes us to the famous Russian Winter Tour.