Lama Ole Nydahl’s autumn 2012 teaching schedule

Lama Ole Nydahl's autumn 2012 travel plan and teaching scheduleLama Ole Nydahl travels the world each year, and the plan for his teaching schedule is often updated. Check back here for the latest travel plan before booking flights. After a two-week book-retreat in the Europe Center, Lama Ole’s autumn 2012 teaching schedule starts by criss-crossing the whole European continent during October and then taking off for yet another world tour visiting both North and South America in November.


Mahamudra course near Bologna, Italy (Sept 21-24)

Mahamudra means “The Great Seal” and is considered to be the crown jewel of Buddha’s teachings. There are only very few schools of Buddhism which have succeeded in keeping these teachings alive until today.

Channel Tour 2012 (Sept 27-Oct 3)

Annual tour through so-called  “channel countries” including Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The Channel Tour 2012 is an opportunity to travel in a small group with Lama Ole through Paris, Brussels and then a weekend course in Wuppertal, Germany.

Amden Autumn course – Transmission in Diamond Way (Oct 4-7)

Diamond Way Buddhism of the Karma Kagyu lineage belongs to one of the four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism. As a lineage of direct oral transmission, it especially treasures meditation and, through interaction with a qualified teacher, can bring about the full and direct experience of the nature of mind.

Small Austrian Tour (Oct 12-14)

Public lecture in Innsbruck as a part of a Buddhist statue exhibition

Mahamudra course in Graz

Mahamudra means “The Great Seal” and is considered to be the crown jewel of Buddha’s teachings. There are only very few schools Buddhism which have succeeded in keeping these teachings alive until today.

Meditation course in Riga, Latvia (Oct 15-16)

More information available soon on the link above.

40 years of Diamond Way Buddhism in Copenhagen, Denmark (Oct 17-21)

On October 23rd 1972 Lama Ole and Hannah had an audience with the Danish Queen, Margrethe II, only a few days after returning from 4 years in the Himalayas. They brought a letter from the 16th Karmapa, introducing themselves as his students and representatives in Denmark. Today we consider this date the beginning of Diamond Way Buddhism in West.

Public lecture in Hamburg, Germany (Oct 22)

Lecture on Buddhism.

German-speaking center’s meeting  in Braunschweig, Germany (Oct 27-28)

Public lecture on Budhism and a meeting of representatives of all German-speaking centers and international guests

Spanish Tour (Oct 29-31)

Learn how to discover mind’s richness and potential through Buddhist teachings and meditation.

The richness of mind lecture in La Coruña (Oct 29)

Discovering the mind’s potential lecture in Granada (Oct 31)

Public lecture in Berlin, Germany (Nov 1)

Lecture on Buddhism.

Buddhism in the modern world course in Poznan, Poland (Nov 3-4)

A weekend meditation course with a series of Buddhist lectures and meditations guided by Lama Ole Nydahl.

Meditation course in Kiev, Ukraine (Nov 9-10)

More information available soon on the link above.

USA Tour (Nov 14-25)

USA tour starts in Chicago (Nov 13) & San Francisco (Nov 15)

Phowa (conscious dying) meditation course in New York

South American Tour (Nov 27-Dec 4)

Public lectures in Buenos Aires, Argentina (Nov 27), Santiago de Chile (Nov 29) and Montevideo (Nov 30)

Meditation course in Karma Dechen Ling retreat center, Uruguay


Download Lama Ole’s yearly teaching schedule in PDF

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