Karmapa’s Swayambhu monastery renovation project

Begun this year in earnest, the renovation of the Swayambhu Monastery belonging to HH 17th Karmapa Thaye Dorje has already brought great results. Essential works such as the water and wastewater infrastructure have been completed. The roof is now waterproof, which in a country with a monsoon season is a great plus.

The monastery is very important and has a venerable history. It was, for example, the place where Lama Ole and Hannah Nydahl first met the 16th Karmapa. But now it is not in a great physical state. Shamar Rinpoche very much wanted the monastery restoration project to be supported by the whole Karma Kagyu family, and right now in Bodh Gaya our friends are showing the project at the Kagyu Monlam, the great annual gathering of Kagyu lamas and students.

The restoration has been organized with the help of the Diamond Way Buddhism Foundation, and by individual sponsors large and small.

Please enjoy the video below about the project to renovate HH Karmapa’s Swayambhu monastery:

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