Meditating together in Costa Rica at the Americas Course 2020

The 7th Americas Course took place in Costa Rica in February 2020. More than 80 Diamond Way practitioners from 10 North and South American countries came together to meditate, listen to Buddhist teachings and connect.

Travelling teachers from different countries taught in panels, gave practice explanations and told lots of stories about the history of Buddhism in the Americas. The amazing weather and joyful activity did the rest for the good atmosphere full of friendship.

The Americas Course is one part of our “Americas Project” which also includes bus tours with travelling teachers, a monthly skype-meditation and the connection between more that 80 Diamond Way Buddhist Centers in the Americas.

Lama Ole set things in motion at the annual international course in Kassel in 2007 by introducing several students from North and South America to each other. What followed were annual meetings full of wishes, in the Europe Center, Immenstadt. After a couple of years of inspiration and getting to know each other, the Americas project finally flourished and today everybody can experience this collective power put into dharma activity.

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